How to find funny animations to Share on social media

Best types of Share-able Content to Post

The best types of content to share are things you enjoy or think others would enjoy.  Too often people post provoking material that offends or gets others riled up.  The attention gained may seem exciting at first, but at what cost did it come, and who did you annoy or alienate?  Posting neutral but humorous content is a great way to keep things light, make your friends laugh, and not to upset them.  I think everybody is a little tired of politics, but it sure is a hot button.  I like posting simple and funny animations.  Cute and laughable, like me… Kaylee 🙂

Where to find content to share on facebook

Finding great animations to share on social media is not always easy. Most people just share or re-post something they saw already posted.  Finding a source for new things to post will make your friends laugh and show them you are unique and look beyond the obvious. is a great source of funny animations there is no doubt the king of social media.

Google Images is an excellent place to find images and animations to share.  If using for commercial uses, like to put on your own web site, use the advanced search and select royalty free.

Twitter is also a great place to find funny images and animations to share on social media.


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